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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Never Mess With The Security Guard: Two Versions

Martha's version:
Never mess with the Security Guard. Even when she turned her back already.
Now I know that that's true.

Last Friday(5January2007) was the first swim class of the year, and 'twas the day that we would be having our Prelim Exam.

After waiting for the longest time in the kubo near PLS, it was finally our turn to use the pool. I was a little cranky by then 'cause I forgot my Registrarion form and I had to reprint it in the Admin with the fee of 10bucks. Anyway, when we got to the gates of the pool, Ate Guard was segregating us kids (the ones without padlock, regform, id should give way to those who has). Grace and Sheena got through--Actually, Sheena almost didn't get through 'cause her lock was the wrong kind (it had a keyhole in it), but lucky for her, Ate considered it and then they got through.

Unfortunately, i wasn't as lucky as she was, and I had to step out of the que. Then Sheena decided to throw her lock through the gate and to me, as Ate turned her back Sheena flung the padlock(with the key) and it hit some of the grills and it made a stupid noise (if there was really anything that sounded stupid), but Ate didn't notice BUT--BUT! she noticed it when she stepped on the key..

Ate: Sayo ba itong susi? (as she picked the padlock along with it)
Me: (Of course, I was caught red handed so I told her the truth) No.
Ate: Sa babae ito no?
Me: (silent)
Ate: (to Abby as she was walking in the gate) paki tawag nga yun please. (to me) hintay ka lang muna dyan ha, babae pa naman kayo..tapos ganyan.. (tutting sound)
Me: (silent)

10minutes passes...

Me: (silent, thinks) ang tagal naman ni Sheena... (to Ate) Sorry po talaga.
Sheena: (coming towards the gate) Po?
Ate: Sayo yung padlock diba?
Sheena: Opo, sorry po talaga, tinulungan ko lang po yung kaibigan ko
Ate: Okay lang makatulong, pero kasi nabastos nyo yung trabaho ko
Sheena: (silent)
Me: (silent)
Ate: Pinatabi ko lang yung mga wala kasi ire-remind ko lang na magdala na next meeting, alam ko naman na exams nyo ngayon.. babae pa naman kayo, at kaya pinapasok ko muna lahat is para hindi din naman kayo mapahiya at ayoko namang dumakdak sa harap ng madaming tao..
Me: Sorry po talaga..
Sheena: Sorry po..
Ate: O cge, next time ha? Nagaalala lang naman ako sa mga gamit nyo, kayo din naman kasi yung mawawalan..
Me: Sorry po.
Ate: O sya, cge pasok na.
Me: (quickly gets in the gate)
Sheena: Thank you po.
Ate: Yun na yung padlock mo.
Sheena: (gets the padlock) Thank you po...

That was only the nub of the actual encounter, kasi I didn't remember every little detail..

So there, O nadagdagan ang aking New Year's Resolution:
- buy a padlock
- fix my stuff before going to school (yea, i did fix my stuff the night before, but i forgot one thing: my BATHING SUIT.)
- be nicer to Ate

My version:
It was our Preliminary Exam in Swimming last Friday, January 5. I was never really excited about it because I surmise that I can no longer remember our lessons. But, along with it is the word IMPORTANT. I must pass this or else...

No, that's not really the story and the reason why I blogged. There was this something that happened after a long wait in the kubo near Palaruang La Salle. We were preparing our padlocks and registration forms as passses for entrance inside the Pool. But Mars left hers at home- the registration form and the lock. She was able to do something with the reg. form, but with the lock, not really. Grace and I was able to enter but Mars was left along the queue. I got worried that she might not get an exam so I did something. I threw my key out between the posts of the gate for her to catch. But I did it too early that she wasn't able to. It created a noise that I taught might ruin it all, so I faced back and almost practically run from the gate. I don't know if i was laughing or I was relieved with my flight from my mistake but running was my only alternative, or so I thought. When we reached the stoned staircase, I got so worried of my looming consequences. I even hopped towards the lockers. I was asking Grace to give me a good alibi why I did it. I was already jumping and jumping at that time. Added Shiela and Fred..

Fred: Anong nangyari dun...

Me: (explaining...)

Shiela: Hala ka...drop ka na daw!

Me: (with that I was really fidgeting) Wag naman!

After several minutes, I decided to go down to "rescue" Mars. As if I was the hero... I can hear myself breathing hard, when I reached the gate, I prepared my ears to hear the worst news.

Guard: Bakit niyo namn yun harap ko pa...ayoko naman na mapahiya kau dito dahil pare parehas lang taung babae...

Me: Sorry po...

Mars: Sorry po...

Guard: Sa susunod wag nio nang gawin yon ha, papapasukin ko naman siya eh..alam ko namang prelim niyo...tsaka hindi namang masamang tumulong basta nasa tamang paraan.

With that, we were silent but we extended our gratitude. Hayy, that was near to the bomb! I could have died hearing the worst news. It was somehow traumatic that when Ate Guard went to our side of the pool to check on something, I thought she decided to punish us. So I submerged myself to the water and practiced as if I can breathe that long.

Hayy, that was really close! To find out the other side of the story, which was Mars's, just click this link.

Disclaimer: We don't have an eidetic memory so don't expect that our script is all the same.
Ma. Veronica Sheena Valencia de Gonzales y Tan de Prieto. That is the FULLEST of my name, no less. Unless I'd be indolent to write, then that will be Sheena Valencia, and that's how my name goes in school, everywhere!...Sinking in historically, I was born by the date of July 28 and I'm 16. It was Makati Medical Center who witnessed the 1st sign of my breathing. Now I'm here in flesh at Las Piñas to continue the journey of my life. It's not perfect...but it's great!

I love writing. Although I must admit that I'm not that splendid. I love blogging, chatting, reading- and I don't mean textbooks- speaking- or if you mean orating, well fine!- and sleeping! (Well, actually all of these and more are written down there , so I need not elaborate.) Aesthetically, I'm pretty fine as well as emotionally. Now, sinking in personally. I'm erratic and aggressive but patient. I'm a comic and I love to laugh but I have exceptions. I'm driven by moods of others but I always try not to be. I want justice incessantly but I must admit that sometimes I'm biased. I'm naughty but I know how to follow. If I seem to be dark and sinister...don't be anxious...there are tons (and majority) of my being is angelic.

Currently, I'm a senior- and my height doesn't say so!- highschool student of St. Joseph's Academy and I'm enjoying it! Soooo much! It's superb! There are fuss and flaws but really, it's Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious! BUT on the looming AY to come, I will be in college! Burden is- I don't want to leave SJA so soon! Can I (and we) just repeat? *scowls

(Inserted: Aug. 12, 06)But...that current up there is archaic because at this point, I'm already in college at De La Salle University- Dasmariñas. Meaning, the dream of repeating will just be a dream and will never come true because I'm already here. And I must enjoy what I have because there will be no turning back since I have decided to say everytime I fall, "Standout Josephian!" What a smile it brings me...

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