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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Holy Week

This is not the exact account of what had happened in our Holy week celebration in Naga. Like others, it bores me to read really really long anecdotes on the internet. And as you have noticed, this is a late post. It was twice that I have decided not to write anything about it because of laziness but I need to summon energy for me to start this one. Besides, I’m practicing my chuva ek ek writing skills. Sorry if you happen to be a victim of my practicing, anyways it’s free of charge.

As well as my post, our by land vacation was also long overdue. If I’m not mistaken, we were supposed to go there last 2004 but because of some considerable reasons, it was not pursued. In the same line, if my sister and I pursued our vacation in General Santos via air flight definitely, it will be cancelled again.

April 1, the date of departure. But it was moved on April 4 because my sister can’t absent herself from their COCC practice. Pero sa kinahabahaba man ng prusisyon, sa Naga parin ang tuloy.

We stayed in the second floor landing our Aunt’s farm. Their house was like an inverted Pinoy Big Brother House- blue is the dominant color. On the left upon entering the gate was a playground with a large lawn and miniature Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs statue. On the extreme left was a life-size aviary of African Love Birds and Budgies. Near the large cage was a balustrade. Under it was a variety of orchids. A few steps away, there’s a bleachers filled with Euphorbias. A few steps backwards was a small house of which I don’t know what for. It’s like a pump house because it can’t be a maid’s quarter. It’s not properly ventilated- as I see it outside.

On the narrower right, upon entering the gate was a watchdog- I don’t mean the Media- and a few walks away, under the big Calamansi tree was a garden set made of tires. After it was a grotto with an artificial pond but no water was in. the rest was all plants. Everything in the garden was rosy although what we saw was an aftermath of the Super Typhoon Reming.

Then we reach the three storied (the uppermost floor is a roof deck) PBB House- but the parameters of the house is just small. Continuing the right side were two side by side Nipa Hut. Then in the middle were some farm animals sometimes on the loose, four caged dogs- two Dalmatians, two mixed breed of I don’t know and a piggery- in fairness the pigs are clean although they smell a bit. Then before the gate was an undeveloped area.

After the gate was a stone bridge with a semi dry river. It’s their second lot. It has a dried body of water with dead clams and some banana plants. It’s also undeveloped but it’s walled unlike their third.

In Naga was my first time to eat cooked Sting Ray- isn’t it illegal? As far as I know it is although I’m not sure if it is endangered. And besides, their whip like tail stings- but I didn’t ate that much because they made it chili. It was also my first time to TRY to eat kuhol with emphasis on the try because I don’t have that great sucking power. There was also their so called toasted siopao, yes not steamed and their pancit bato, no not stone. And I’ve seen fresh Pili although I didn’t try it. Sayang.

Since it was Holy week, we did our tradition to have Bisita Iglesia. We went to Naga’s churches, basilica and cathedral but I forgot their names. We even saw the Our Lady of Peñafrancia and paid homage to the mother. I actually have pictures but it will take me gazillion years to upload it. Now, you can do a little guessing game there. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend any mass even if we would love to. The masses are said in their own dialect. And we abstained from eating meat, all fish except on Sunday. It should have been a feast for my cats.L

Since it is nonsense to attend mass that we don’t even understand- now I know the feeling of people long ago hearing mass in Latin with the priest facing about. Glad we have Vatican II- we made an overnight swimming in the beach resort owned by my aunt’s acquaintance in Pasacao, Camarines Sur. The beach is biologically alive because of the live clams, the jellyfish that we saw on the other side, the crab that my sister mistaken as a stone and during low tide at night while walking on the shore, there were live small fishes. Although I was somewhat a nature’s pest because while scorching my skin on the shore, I’m picking up smooth stones, fossilized stones, colored stones, clam and scallop shells from phylum Mollusca class Bivalvia, shells of snails, same phylum class Gastropoda and I’m not sure if the other two were cone shells- the one that looks like long decorated fingers and periwinkles- those common inverted cone shaped shells.

The water in the beach is so cool even under the heat of the sun although sun blocks react with salt water that prickles my face- or is that the reason? Early in the morning while the tide is still low, even after more than a meter I can still see my feet under. And you can go boat riding. Left and right, you can see mountains. It’s such a wonderful place.

Now, what platforms do our political candidates have to help conserve and preserve our environment as a whole? What concrete and surely effective actions do they intend to perform to save the natural beauty? Mamatay na ang mga sinungaling! Tamaan na ng kidlat ang mga manlolokong garapal! Hayy, everyone will have an aneurism- if you want it aortic- if we even dare to go deeper in politics. Breathe air…breathe.

It’s not like summer in Naga. The water dripping even from the faucet is cold. The air especially at night is bitterly cold. And he air even during midday is still cold. It is very costly now that we turn our air-condition units every night even in the afternoon. My brother doesn’t want it in my room because it’s not enough- or is it just too hot? Even eating ice cream is nonsense. It’s just your mouth and your face and your hands that will feel cold.

Candidates how about to amend the PPA? Or whatsit?

It was fun fun having visited Naga. There were also some revelations that I did learn during the vacation.
S We have a Sanchez relative! Ask why? Haha. It’s a YG thingJ.
S My auntie Lily- no, not the one in Naga- is going back to her home in Merville, Parañaque. If I’d visit there again, I’ll hunt Bru’s ancestral house. Only, I forgot the street.
S And I never did know that my cousin Beijing is of my age. I thought she’s in age with my younger sis. I remember the day when she went swimming in our house- I mean an inflatable swimming pool, hehehe, we’re not that rich! UNLESS, like that one that I just happen to meet again after four years flaunted all that were lies! Anyways, God bless her and God bless you all too.

P.S. Don’t be like her. Being a pathologic liar is sure is tough and karma comes back so fast.
Ma. Veronica Sheena Valencia de Gonzales y Tan de Prieto. That is the FULLEST of my name, no less. Unless I'd be indolent to write, then that will be Sheena Valencia, and that's how my name goes in school, everywhere!...Sinking in historically, I was born by the date of July 28 and I'm 16. It was Makati Medical Center who witnessed the 1st sign of my breathing. Now I'm here in flesh at Las Piñas to continue the journey of my life. It's not perfect...but it's great!

I love writing. Although I must admit that I'm not that splendid. I love blogging, chatting, reading- and I don't mean textbooks- speaking- or if you mean orating, well fine!- and sleeping! (Well, actually all of these and more are written down there , so I need not elaborate.) Aesthetically, I'm pretty fine as well as emotionally. Now, sinking in personally. I'm erratic and aggressive but patient. I'm a comic and I love to laugh but I have exceptions. I'm driven by moods of others but I always try not to be. I want justice incessantly but I must admit that sometimes I'm biased. I'm naughty but I know how to follow. If I seem to be dark and sinister...don't be anxious...there are tons (and majority) of my being is angelic.

Currently, I'm a senior- and my height doesn't say so!- highschool student of St. Joseph's Academy and I'm enjoying it! Soooo much! It's superb! There are fuss and flaws but really, it's Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious! BUT on the looming AY to come, I will be in college! Burden is- I don't want to leave SJA so soon! Can I (and we) just repeat? *scowls

(Inserted: Aug. 12, 06)But...that current up there is archaic because at this point, I'm already in college at De La Salle University- Dasmariñas. Meaning, the dream of repeating will just be a dream and will never come true because I'm already here. And I must enjoy what I have because there will be no turning back since I have decided to say everytime I fall, "Standout Josephian!" What a smile it brings me...

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